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So crappy it is awesome: Paper from Poo

BIS002C "Biodiversity & the tree of life" Lecture2&3 more on phylogeny & trees

BIS002C "Biodiversity & the tree of life" Lecture 1 tomorrow: Intro to phylogeny; #UCDavis

Quick Tip: if you want someone to share job ads, announcements, etc, send links to web sites not attachments

Probiotic use spreading, lots of money being made, known benefits still murky

Lake Arrowhead Microbial Genomes notes, live streaming, I hope here, #LAMG10

Probiotics are the new viagra & the risks of overselling of probiotics

Searching twitter for science related topics; best strategies? favorite searches?

Blog sponsorship spam - no thanks; wonder if this is how Pepsigate started?

More of the worst conference descriptions ever

Can't wait for this meeting on Microbial Communities as Drivers of Ecosystem Complexity

A complete summary (probably TMI) about my time at the human #microbiome meeting #HMP2010

Human microbiome project meeting (#HMP2010) Day 2 wrap up