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Arsenic revisited: discussing arsenic story with a #UCDavis biology writing class next week

The Microbe Project - A Portal to Federal Efforts in Microbial Research #microBEnet

A bit upset by @NYTimes article on twitter>>blogging so I posted 140 characters to my blog

Some quick notes on mini trip to DOE-JGI & UCSF

Some things to read in light of reported human DNA in bacterial genomes vs. contamination

End of Sequence Read Archive (SRA) - some quick notes

Open Access Pioneer Award: George Garrity for his work on Standards in Genomic Sciences journal

Checking out Davis Life Magazine

STAMPS: good course for those interested in molecular surveys of microbial diversity

Though I generally love NCBI, the Sequence/Short Read Archive (SRA) seems to have issues; what do others think?

Is it time to refer to mitochondria as bacteria?

Is it time to refer to mitochondria as bacteria?

Alternative Real Time Twitter Feed for #AGBT #Experiment

Tracking Advances in Genome Biology & Technology meeting w/ Twitter Widget: #AGBT

Valentine's Special: Dating in the 21st Century: 2/8 Berkeley #BABS

Indoor Air 2011; Austin, Tx; June 5-10 #microBEnet

IQ Test for bacteria

More and more books focusing on #metagenomics these days ...

#Badomics word of the day (or even month): Culturomics