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Diversity (of speakers, participants) at meetings: do something about it

Dubious Press Release from Cedars-Sinai linking Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Bacteria in Gut

Nice Collection from Diane Dawson: Open Science and Crowd Science: Selected Sites and Resources

Yum - Carbon monoxide, worms, bacteria - all together - what could be better

Guest post: Story Behind the Paper by Joshua Weitz on Neutral Theory of Genome Evolution

Nathan Wolfe talk at #UCDavis Wrap Up #Storify #Viruses

Wow - ALVIN submarine has potential to be vector for species movement cc: @deepseanews

Skeptical of this: Invitation to Participate in the East African Universities' Lecture Series and a Safari

Kimberly-Clark's deceptive self serving PR regarding germs in the workplace #BadReportingToo

What to do - what to do - cool microbial art w/ a #badomics word --- must resist purchasing -- must resist ...

Story behind the paper guest post on "Resolving the ortholog conjecture"

Interesting report from White House: National Bioeconomy Blueprint

Something fishy with this story: bacteria in fish pedicures

Sign of the apocalypse? Science conference SPAM hybridizes w/ Nigerian advanced fee SPAM.

Useful comparative analysis of sequence classification systems w/ a few questionable bits

Interesting new paper: "Proving universal common ancestry with similar sequences"

Mini post: Microbial forensics

Oh the irony - new #OpenAccess #PLoSOne paper on Research Blogs doesn't share data behind analyses.

'Danger and Evolution in the Twilight Zone': Guest post by Randen Patterson and Gaurav Bhardwaj

Quick post - new paper of interest on "The Infinitely Many Genes Model ..."

Any method allowed for presentations at ASM meeting, as long as you use Powerpoint on a PC.

Scholarly Kitchen - getting more and more rotten as the days go by

Fun day at Capay Organic Farm (site of Farm Fresh to You) with DCCNS

Dueling microbial diversity talks at #UCDavis on May 2 #symbioses #microbiology

How complete do microbial genomes have to be for metabolic predictions (to be useful)?

Draft of a Proposal for a UC #OpenAccess policy - comments wanted

Social Networks and Scientists: Chronicle for Higher Education Article

Summary of responses to question about metrics for density in phylogenetic trees