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Tanja Woyke talk at UC Davis on Single Cell Genomics

Microbial forensics and phylogenetics go hand in hand

Shocked - shocked to hear that some fake papers got published in CLOSED ACCESS journals

Wanted - participants and helpers for a "Women in Science" Wikipedia Editathon at #UCDavis March 4 - UC Davis ADVANCE

Antidiscriminatism - a new religion for the good people of Arizona

Crosspost: Studying - not wantonly killing - the microbes around us and the rise of the "microbiology of the built environment"

My personal best SPAM conference invite yet ...

Human stool as a tissue not a drug .. great idea from Smith, Kelly, Alm

A kickstarter campaign to make a children's book about evolution

Must read of the month: Show Me the Policy (on diversity at conferences)

STEM Women: How Men Can Help, w/ Professor Jonathan Eisen (hey, that's me)

The story behind “Programmable removal of bacterial strains by use of genome-targeting CRISPR-Cas systems”

Publish or Perish: The Future of Scholarly Communications and Academic Careers #PublishPerish14