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Today in SPAMMY "submit to our journal" invites

Today in SPAMMY Editorial Board Invitations: Sci Forschen Inc

Pubmed to trial new collaboration status tool to block interaction with ex-collaborators

Today in SPAMMY conference invitations #2

Today in SPAMMY confereonce invitations

Thanks, no plans to help you get your impact factor on

BigDat 2016 where men (and only men) will teach you about big data #YAOMM

Storify of Discussions About Shameless Behavior by #AAAS Relating to #Ebola Papers

Improving Ability to Identify Possible Conflicts of Interest of Scholars 1: Adding a Disclosure Field to ORCID

Does #AAAS care about #Ebola anymore? Nope. And probably never did. #ClosedAccess

YASEBI - Yet another SPAMMY editorial board invitation

Today in SPAMMY Journal Editorial Board Invitations